in transition

"Quiero pasar página y comenzar un nuevo capítulo en mi vida."

Anthuriums, my grandmother's favorite
landscape photography of cliff
The Rock of Gibraltar

Welcome!  You've reached my new little home on the web.

I am grateful to be turning a new page in La Línea de la Concepción, Andalucía, España, next to the Rock of Gibraltar.  Formerly of Ithaca, New York, I am following my dream of living day at a time as a resident of Southern Spain.

You can check out my previous work as a shiatsu massage therapist in my former business, Shoji Arts.

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Quick update!  In the works for this summer is a visit to Ithaca.  I have committed again to teaching yoga and self care for the 2023 Ithaca College Summer Music Academy in July.  And I foresee giving table massage sessions for Rasa Spa.